What Does Writing Mean to Me?


The value of imparting my thoughts and delivering a story are ways to engage with the world, and with my presence at a particular time. It is significant to share a part of myself with others because I believe that it creates understanding towards one another. To cultivate a connection between things requires a substantial amount of communication that conveys ideas, themes, principles, and characteristics; this is what writing means to me. Writing is my platform for allowing my emotions to exchange ideologies, which my soul can evaluate and filter out the good ones, and revise the negative aspects. 


When I started writing, I was surprised to have discovered more about myself, especially how my thoughts were enormously different from the contents of my heart. Gladly, I found clarity through writing. Thus, it also had me pondered on how I let the external behaviors around me affect my life a lot. It brought me fortunate consequences because I felt the pain of regrets, but led me to a purified life. The activity of writing encouraged me to interact with the world through my authentic self, expressing thoughts and emotions that are genuine and in accordance with my will and favor. Every time I write, I give the input of something from inside of me that I use to apply in my daily life; while receiving the outputs of my realizations through examining the lessons I have acquired from my daily encounters. Through writing, I am able to see the things in my mind and my heart. These things let me realize my identity through assessing if it could impact beneficially for my development, or may affect me negatively from moving forward in life. 

Writing for me is both an art and science where I can exhibit my opinions that may make history, touch lives, or inspire hearts. Writing as a form of communication embeds lasting experience to the audiences because it is a physical item that is timeless and unrestricted. The words, the phrases, or even the paragraphs imply statements that can spread positivity to change the world. My favorite thing about writing is that it is a safe space where I am free to explicate myself, a topic, or an argument without anyone or anything judging me. I believe that the world cannot function optimally without the concepts of writing because the senses rely on every product generated by its compositions. Writing may only sound like a simple verb, but to me, it is like a universal medium to approach my inner being in grasping the impressions of my external environment. It is my way of connecting my soul to the depths of the earth and the real meaning of life.  


I find the wonders of writing visible in the way I engage through a newly reinvented self. I saw the differences and improvements within me and in my surroundings. Furthermore, I consider this as a universal gift that can never be taken away from anyone. Writing is a choice. Depending on how you use it for yourself, your life, and for others, there is great importance in explaining one’s self through writing. Writing is a part of me that I can rely upon when things are good or bad; it is a good friend like a shoulder to lean on, and who is always there to support me in times of success or failure.

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