Our Confidentiality Policy

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The PlatinumWritings team values confidentiality of our customers. To protect their confidentiality and secure all the processes within our service, we use specific policies. Here are our main confidentiality principles to rely on while interacting with our website:

  • Make sure to protect you private data, not sharing them with your writer

At PlatinumWritings, we exploit safe and transparent ways of communication. All transactions, questions, remarks, and other vital actions are possible within our platform. You do not need to use any additional methods of communication. That is why we ask our customers and writers not to share their real name and surname, as well as contact details (phone, email, address), name of their college or university, etc.

Keep all your conversations and file-sharing within the particular order page to avoid any misunderstandings. In case your author does not answer your urgent query, please reach out to our support team, which will gladly answer any question you might have. We work for you round the clock.

  • Do not use inappropriate resources to deal with your author

We highly recommend our customers to provide all the transactions strictly within our platform. We use only reliable world-known payment methods that guarantee your money will be safely transferred to a particular account. We never request credit card or confidential information. Also, we can provide reimbursement if needed. 

  • Do not provide writers with your college or school website login details

If you can extract all the required data from the relevant resource, save it to your device, and then share it safely as listed above. Your personal log details must stay confidential. Please do not share them with anyone.

We know how vital confidentiality is when it comes to academic writing. We use a minimum of your personal data to provide you with our professional writers’ help. You do not have to share the details of your communication with your writer. Once you place your first order within our system, you automatically agree to this Confidentiality Policy.