How to Write an Entertaining Speech

The majority of the speeches we encounter in our lives are likely to fall into the entertainment category. It’s a kind of speech that aims to enthrall and connect with the listeners at the same time. There is a clear point conveyed in entertaining speeches just like in conventional instructive or motivational speeches, but the communication style utilized in an entertaining speech is usually different. Entertaining speeches that are generally referred to as “special-occasion speeches” have been widely used at weddings, receptions, conferences, and even funerals. But nevertheless, these speeches are delivered on occasions where their intention is mainly to entertain the people in the crowd. 

The significant distinction between a good and a bad entertaining speech

As soon as you hear an entertaining speech, you can figure out for yourself if it is good or bad. The best speeches stick in your mind for a long time, while the worst ones leave you feeling bored during their delivery. 

As entertaining speeches are very common these days, it doesn’t imply that entertaining presentations are not worth the time and preparation. When it comes to engaging presentations, many people mistake them for being cheesy. As a consequence, they don’t take preparation seriously and instead “blow it” by being ridiculous and delivering some jokes when they get up to talk. The speech fails to engage or amuse the audience in any way.

A Step-by-Step Guide to writing an engaging and outstanding entertaining speech

In order to assist us in better understanding how to produce interesting presentations, let’s take a look at eight crucial steps in writing an outstanding, entertaining speech:

Step 1: Select a unique topic.

Choosing a great topic takes time, but it is essential if you want to capture the interest of your audience immediately. If you can, think back to a time when you had a similar experience to the one described here. A subject you’re acquainted with will help you seem more convincing. It would be a lot more pleasurable for you if you chose a subject that you were really interested in. Avoid writing about the things that disturb you or cause you to feel inadequate.

Step 2: Generate a list of your thoughts and ideas.

You may benefit greatly from using divergent thinking techniques that occur in a spontaneous and free-flowing manner in your mind. Be sure to keep track of all your links to the occasion and come up with new ideas for your speech’s content. Look through some of the related content or have a look at some inspiring videos. Make a list of everything you’ve thought of, even the weirdest ones, and then select your favorites.

Step 3: Write an effective entertaining speech outline.

Create an entertainment speech outline to come up with an easy-going plan that has to be followed while writing.

Step 4: Compose the Structure.

It’s not uncommon for an essay or even a speech to have many of the same characteristics. Both need to be organized properly. Organize your thoughts and ideas by drawing out an outline. Ensure a pleasant and tidy working environment. An introduction, the main body, and a conclusion are all necessary parts of an interesting speech.

Step 5: Add some examples.

Using examples in a speech helps to make it more understandable and entertaining. Try using real-life examples of incidents from well-known movies or books to help convey your argument.

Step 6: Try adding jokes.

You don’t only have to laugh to have fun; you may also make your audience laugh with interesting statements. And, of course, joking about it is a terrific way to get someone to laugh. It’s recommended that you rehearse your jokes ahead of time so that they will be amusing to both you and your audience. Provide examples to back up your claims. The art of storytelling is as old as civilization itself. Use this art to make your speech more interesting to listeners. 

Step 7: Try to use intonations to keep the listeners engaged.

Intonation is more important than you would believe. If you give the speech for an extended period of time without changing your tone, your target audience will become tired. As a result, while crafting an interesting speech, don’t be afraid to be emotive and use tone.

Step 8: Write a strong conclusion.

The audience will feel the impact of your message hidden in that speech. As a result, only the finale will be remembered by the general public. You must offer your best while penning your last sentences. Your audience should be at the forefront of your thoughts from the beginning to the conclusion of your project. It would be great if you could include some visual aids in your speech. Remember not to be afraid to make eye contact with your audience when giving your speech. You also must not let nervousness stop you from doing your best.

In addition, there’s one more thing to take into consideration. Keep your concerns at bay while on stage. Boost your confidence by giving the speech in front of your friends and family to see whether it works.

Top Tips for Writing an Entertaining Speech 

  • Begin by writing a warm welcome phrase.
  • Consider the intended audience while writing an entertaining speech.
  • Be optimistic when writing jokes.
  • Interact with the audience by creating engaging content.
  • Make use of simple phrases.
  • Have fun with your speech writing.


In order to ensure the success of your speech, you must be able to deliver it properly in front of the audience, not merely write it. You may either practice in front of a mirror or with a group of friends who can give you feedback on how you can improve. Make sure your timing is perfect and that you evoke the right emotions in your viewers. An ideal scenario would be if you were having fun while giving the speech. You will seem more sincere, and whatever anxiety you may be feeling will go away.

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