Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers

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FAQ On Ordering Basics 

How does your custom writing service work?

You can easily find the relevant details on our How It Works page. Read a comprehensive explanation of the vital initial steps to get your writing done. You can also find the details about our main features there.

How do I fill out an order form? 

We provide our customers a fast and easy way of ordering. We use two order form types: a short one and an extended one. On the main page of, you will find the short order form. Once you enter your data in it, you will get a password to your email, approve your email, and enter the extended form page. At this stage, users who already have an account in our system will be redirected straight to an extended ordering form page.

The extended ordering form will require you to enter such assignment details as the discipline, deadline, type of work, number of pages, and other essential data. You can find more information about placing an order on our How It Works page.

Can I send my research, drafts, and other additional materials to the writer?

You can send any files related to your task to the writer within our website via the extended ordering page.

What formatting styles do you use? 

Our writers can provide you with customized papers on any formatting style. On the stage of placing an order, you will have an opportunity to choose a particular formatting style from such options as APA, Chicago/Turabian, and MLA.

The option “Not applicable” is also available, which means you will receive a plain MS Word document without headers and references. That is useful for resumes and other documents that have to be written without any particular formatting.

What if I forgot my password?

You can easily restore your password following the Forgot password link below the Login button.

Is it free to submit an order on PlatinumWritings? 

Order submission is totally free of charge. If in doubt, you can request from several writers you are considering to write a short summary to check their abilities. We will initiate the money deposit in your balance only after you assign the author to complete your order.

Is your company socially responsible? 

We provide our services paying respect to social morals and ethics. That is why we do not accept orders for papers on controversial topics such as abortions, gay marriage, etc.

Do your writers provide help in passing multiple-choice tests, exams, T/F, etc.?

We do not recommend sharing any details connected to your college or university, as well as the personal account of the student in the university system. That is why our authors will not be able to pass any tests or exams for you. We automatically cancel such orders according to our security policies.

FAQ On Order Completion

 When will my paper be done? 

In the extended ordering form, you will point to the particular deadline for a writer to complete your paper. You can additionally negotiate time frames with your writer in the live chat.

Please note that if you need to change the deadline after an author has started working, it may be impossible, as the writer may already be engaged in more assignments.

How can I modify my initial order requirements? 

At the initial ordering stage, we provide our customers with an opportunity to make changes by clicking the Edit order details button. You can modify the number of pages, your paper instructions, add more relevant materials, etc. Please note that these changes will not relate to previous authors’ bids on your order. After you modify the order, the bids will be refreshed.

When the particular author is already assigned and starts working, the order details will remain the same as they initially were.

What if I am not satisfied with my paper? 

Our website allows you to track the process of the paper. If part of a paper is written in accord with your order, but some details are missed, you need to get in touch with the author and explain your concerns. You will be able to instantly guide your writer on the particular part of the document that needs to be remade.

Take note that free revisions are available until the writer has finished the order. Once the paper’s status has changed to “Finished,” modifications will not be possible. In this case, you can place a new order for editing.

How will I get my paper?

After an author completes the order, you will be able to download your paper in PDF or MS Word format from the links on your personal order page.

What are the rewriting and editing services? 

We offer to rewrite and edit for customers who have a partly or completely written paper that needs improvements or additions. It is necessary to upload the file with your initial version of the paper on your personal order page to apply for rewriting services.

Rewriting will bring many changes, up to 70% of the paper, and includes revision, editing, and proofreading.

Editing focuses on changing the content, formatting the paper according to a particular style, and proofreading. Editing can change the content of the paper up to 30%.

FAQ About Our Writers 

Are all writers listed on your website proficient enough?

At PlatinumWritings, we set high standards for working and customer service. We care about our clients’ satisfaction. That is why we make sure all our writers have relevant experience in particular disciplines; they are proficient enough to write papers for different fields and have relevant education proven by diplomas and certificates. The PlatinumWritings Supervision Team handpicks our writers. They must pass stages of evaluation, which include testing. Other customers also verify writers’ proficiency in their reviews. You will be able to define a chosen author’s level while he or she completes the first page of your assignment.

Where are PlatinumWritings and your writers located?

We cooperate with authors from different parts of the globe. If you need to define the location or country of your writer, you can ask him or her via the live chat. Our company is situated in Cyprus.

What is the rating and awards system for writers? 

To encourage our writers to compete and boost their value as authors, we utilize the rating and awards system. The rating of each writer is calculating according to customer feedback. There is also a calculator that shows the total amount of orders completed by each author.

Our awards system also stimulates authors to excel in the quality of their daily work. Another aim of our awards system is helping our customers to select the best writer according to the amount and type of awards.

What is a writer’s warning? 

Ethical behavior and excellent writing performance in terms of deadline both matter to us. That is why such issues as lateness, inappropriate communication with customers, or plagiarism may result in a warning for a writer. A warning depends on the impact of the writer’s behavior. A warning gives the writer a chance for improvement. In case improvement is impossible, we do not cooperate further with the writer.

FAQ On Plagiarism, Payments, And Confidentiality Policies 

How can I submit payments through PlatinumWritings? 

You can pay for your order within our website in two safe ways:

  • Deposit money to your account on and pay writers from that amount.
  • Pay from an order page using such trusted money transferring systems as CardPay, ApplePay via SolidGate, and SolidGate.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

First of all, our customers never pay the whole amount to their author before the work is done. Each section of the document can be revised for free while the author is working on the paper. Once the order is fully paid and is in “Finished” status, changes are impossible. Make sure you are satisfied with each section of the paper before making the payment.

Here is how it works:

Depending on the number of pages and the terms of the deadline, your paper automatically splits into several (up to five) parts. For example, if your paper is 15 pages long, you will pay for every three pages of it.

For orders with a 48-hour deadline or less, the payment divides into two parts, no matter how long it is.

When you want to provide payment to your writer, you will click the Release button. To know more about reimbursement, visit our Money-Back Guarantee page.

Do you provide discounts? 

Here at PlatinumWritings, we offer reasonable prices for the excellent quality of papers. Our biding system allows our customers more flexibility when choosing the author on a free-market basis.

Is your service confidential? 

Our system operates according to our Confidentiality Policy and aims to prevent any misuse of users’ personal data. We guarantee that we will not share your personal data with third parties. But if our customers share their details with an author directly, our policy is not applicable. We encourage our customers to keep the details regarding their location, real name, college name, and other details safe, and contact their writers only for business-related issues.

How can I make sure my paper has no plagiarism? 

We have a built-in service called Plagiarism Check to make sure your paper is unique. Our customers can use it an unlimited number of times if there are several paper revisions. We provide this feature free of charge. We suggest checking each part of your paper for plagiarism while the author is completing your order. In the case of plagiarism alerts, you will be able to inform your writer about it instantly.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, you can delete your PlatinumWritings account anytime. If your account is deleted, you cannot restore it, and you must create a new one to use our service again.

What happens to my current orders if the payment is charged back?

You can chargeback a certain amount from your PlatinumWritings account. Please note that if the sum you withdraw is bigger than the amount available within your PlatinumWritings balance, our system will cancel the orders currently in progress. Contact our support team to resolve such issues.