The Importance Of Quality Academic Writing

Efficient and unambiguous communication is vital for the effective transference of information. It involves the understanding, analysis, and conveyance of the content, which is important for scientific progress. Writing is an essential method of communication that also involves listening, reading, and speaking. 

Moreover, it helps individuals express their thoughts and personality, foster communication, develop thinking skills, and make logical and persuasive arguments as well as affords various other benefits (Klimova, 2012). Also, while writing, individuals can manipulate language to uniquely express their thoughts.

Writing comprises not only the adherence to writing conventions but also the conveyance of information, reflection, and revision. Among these, reflection and revision of written text are vital aspects of scientific progress. 

The importance of writing in academics is signified by the aphorism “publish or perish.” This signifies the huge burden on individuals to critically assess various works in literature and build on previous works to propel scientific progress. This is only possible if the works in literature comprise quality academic writing. 

Quality writing refers to not only the correctness but also the coherence, unity, creativity, and clarity of the writing. Ambiguous text in any language may cause misunderstandings and may lead to incorrect research results, particularly in English, where a misplaced comma, incorrect spelling, or incorrect word choice can change the meaning of an entire sentence. 

Furthermore, the language skills of individuals will also improve when the quality of their academic writing improves. This could consequently improve their self-confidence and understanding of literature and boost their desire to read more academic documents.

Various studies in the literature have analyzed the importance of quality writing. The importance of quality writing has been particularly stressed at various academic institutes as students that are not able to express themselves through their writing are not able to communicate with their peers and professors. This lack of communication is then carried forward to their Academic careers, where the lack of communication is detrimental to scientific progress.

Defazio et al. (2010) conducted a case study to analyze the importance of quality academic writing from the perspective of students in academic institutes. Their study group comprised both graduate and undergraduate students. They determined that most students lacked the necessary writing skills and that they were unable to accurately convey themselves in their thesis, dissertations, etc. Defazio et al. (2010) employed both online and face-to-face methods with the aim to improve the academic writing quality of students. Their results showed that when the students writing quality improved, they became careful readers. Careful readers are able to better understand and analyze the things they read. In other words, the overall performance of students also improves with the improvement of their writing skills. 

Additionally, as stated by Pollock and Bono (2003), a written academic document only catches our attention if it is well written and mimics the art storytelling. They further state that if the writing is not engaging, the academic document may be lost in the abundant literature that is available.

Thus, quality academic writing is highly essential and important. Moreover, the importance of quality writing should be introduced to students in academic institutes. This will help them improve their communication skills, assist them in communicating better with their professors and peers, and build their cognitive abilities. This will in turn enrich literature and drive scientific progress.

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